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Website Scuttlebutt - May 2014

Website Scuttlebutt - April 2014


Website Scuttlebutt - March 2014

This Month we attended the Southern Div Conference in Paris Texas, preformed 2 Honor Guard Ceremonies, gave a class on Gun Safety, 

Website Scuttlebutt - February 2014

Hello Devil Dogs and Associates, Please welcome our newest members of the Family, JD, Mr. and Mrs. Spenla. and newest life members Michael Spenla, SgtMaj and Tex Matejka. I believe that makes 12 life members in our Detachment. Semper Fi!!!

Coming April 12th is our Annual Poolie cook out at

Lake Jacksonville, (hut #8) will have around 40 Poolies this time.

Keep SSgt Landen in our Prayers during his Duty, and all our Active duty Members in Harms Way.

Also Please Remember we will hold a Color and Honor Guard Practice after each meeting, everyone that has one please bring a M1, 1911, and Sword.

Website Scuttlebutt - January 17th 2014

I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. I look forward to this new year with all my fellow Members,

We need to put in more practice this year and get all the members we can to learn the Color and Honor Guard routines.

The next big thing we have is the Southern Div. Conference in March. I hope every one can make it.

Website Scuttlebutt - Dec 31st 2014

Thanks to your support our 2013 toy drive was a big success, I believe we have helped over 1800 Kids this year, I will have a better # nest month. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.

Website Scuttlebutt - November 07th 2014

Thank you to the Members that Helped with the traveling Vietnam Wall October 17th to the 20th. This was an amazing time, most of us had not seen the Wall or even the traveling one, it was an Honor to be part of the team to assemble and disassemble the wall. The Color and Honor Guard was the first time we had preformed both services at the same time, A big OOORRRAAA! to Merritt and Shannon on a job well done. They did the Honor Guard for the first time with Shane. Top took charge of the Bugle and Mrs Hamby Supervised. Also would like to thank Deb for her hard work practicing the M1 manual of arms so she would be ready if we needed her.

( the M1 is bigger than she is :)

We set up for the Flag retirement ceremony but due to time requirements for the wall we had to cancel it.

The Detachment was praised, on the job we did, by other Organizations. One of the results of our hard work that weekend was to be trusted with a 5 ton cargo truck from Kiepersol Winery for the Toys for Tots toy drive. we will have the 5 ton till December 20th. Wal-Mart is having a fill the truck toy drive :) lol. OOORRRAAA!! Merritt, Shane, Shannon, Leah, Terry, Deb - John, Scooby, Wayne- Nancy, Bones, Tim-Paula Howell, Ken, Sue-AJ, John Henry- Carroll.

The Color Guard for Peoples Church October 27th was Awesome!!

OOORRRAAA! John Henry, Carroll, Jessie, Larry, Ken, Shannon, Wayne, Deb, Bones,Jack

The Spooktacular Bull Bash November 02nd was a success, and the Color Guard was one of the best we have done!! A Big Semper Fi to the Color Guard Team; Scooby, Ken, Larry and Wayne. Leah worked real hard on getting the silent auction up and running and then managing it most of the day, Sue was a big help on this as well. Nancy was helping out with our Detachment and I believe she has asked to become an Associate Member. We all need to thank Jessie and Larry, they came out and helped all they could and could not stay long but their presence was appreciated. Semper Fi to Scooby for his dedication in working on the rodeo grounds to help get the facility up and running for the event. Shane worked the back gate most of the night and did an outstanding job. Shannon, Tim Howell and his wife helped check and stamp rodeo fans at the front gate. Ken helped get lights on the tent. Terry helped all over until she had to monitor the mascots. OOORRRAAA!!! to everyone that helped out; Jessie,Shannon, Leah, Shane, Larry, Ken, Sue, Wayne, Nancy, Tim Howell, Paula, Bones, Terry, Scooby, Tim Hutson,. A special Thank you to Lois Hutson for getting us involved with the silent auction, and to Sue's Son AJ and our Poolies Lance and Autumn.

Website Scuttlebutt - October 15th 2013

We have started our 2013 toy drive.

Bones will not be able to go to Galveston this weekend, but will be in Bullard for the USA Celebration members will get an email today about the event. 

Website Scuttlebutt - October 01st 2013

We had awesome turnout for Jim and Honor training, looks like Tim and Shannon are old pros.

Website Scuttlebutt - September 24th 2013

I look forward to meeting everyone at Jim's grave this coming Saturday the 28th. from there we will head to Camp Smrekar and remember Him in our own way. Hope to get some Honor Guard practice in as well 

Website Scuttlebutt - September 05th 2013

Hello Members,

Will have 5 covers at the next meeting Sep 16th. and 3 red satin jackets by Oct 1st. I hope everyone is doing well. Semper Fi!

Website Scuttlebutt - Aug. 22nd 2013

Dear Commandant Bones,

My son, SGT Tyrell Williams, served 3 tours in Iraq and on 11 February 2008, less than 90 days after being discharged from the Corps, was killed in a hit-and-run in Austin, TX. The perpetrator of this tragedy has never been identified.

In January 2010 I wrote my first book titled Through the Grief: A Mother’s Journey. I have released my second book, Dragonflies: New Beginnings for Healing from Grief and Loss. In honor of my son, I am asking that you distribute my request to purchase a book to as many people as you can. The link to my website is below, as well as direct links to the two books. On the Products page, I have listed that 50% of all proceeds goes to Marines Helping Marines and provided a hyperlink to the website for those that are not familiar with the program.

Thank you for your help.

With Gratitude,

Dayton Williams


In loving memory of my first-born son

SGT Tyrell Seth Williams

United States Marine Corps 2003-2007

25 December 1976 – 11 February 2008

Semper Fidelis

Dear Mrs Williams,

From everyone in our Detachment we are deeply sorry for your loss. Thank you for your kind donations to the Marines helping Marines program. I believe it is one of the finest programs for Marines out there.

We are a brother hood of Marines and that includes you as a Mother. I will place your request on our friends page ASAP.

If you ever need anything, please let this old Jarhead know.



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