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MarDet 1381 (Marine Detachment)

Our Detachment received its charter September 13th 2011.

Programs of our Detachment; Honor Guard for all branches, Color Guard (Mounted and Dis-Mounted), Transportation to V.A. Aid the warrior Support Family center in San Antonio Ellis Warrior Fund, Scholarship for Cherokee County Schools (when available) Boy Scouts, Toys For Tots, Marines Helping Marines, Our Members of the Jacksonville Detachment #1381 are 100% volunteers, we do not receive compensation. Your donations go to the Veterans Programs that we promote.


The Marine Corps League is a Non-Profit 501 c 4 Veterans Organization of the United States Marines. And yes your donations are tax deductible with us. The MCL was founded by John A. Lejeune in 1923 and the U. S. Congress granted the League a federal charter in 1937.

MCL Mission:

To reach any local area Marines from past to present. No age restriction as long as you served Honorably and are looking to continue ties with other Marines. Programs of the Marine Corps League include; Marines Helping Marines- Wounded Marines Program, Young Marines of The Marine Corps League, U.S. Marines Youth Physical Fitness Program, Boy Scouts of America, Scholarship Program, Legislative Program, Veterans Service Officer Program, Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service Program, Marine Corps League Auxiliary, Military Order of Devil Dogs, Toys For Tots, Marine- 4- Life/ Injured Marine Support Program Annual Conventions,

League members feel the same comradeship as they did while they where on active duty. That sense of "belonging" is still among us Marines. The statement "Once a Marine, Always a Marine" (motto of the Marine Corps League) rings loud and clear to League members. If you would like a copy (for a nominal fee) of our finances or were your donated funds go, Contact us


We are a 501 c 4 corporation with a special exemption letter from the IRS to allow your donation to be tax deductible we are listed with the IRS and the State of Texas. We file a 990-N every year.

If you need our EIN or SOS info please Contact us


P.O. Box 573

Jacksonville Texas 75766




Woodman of the World

1800 College Ave.

Jacksonville Texas 75766

Why us?

We are a Brotherhood of Marines, we try to stay involved with our community, and support the basic fundamentals of the Marine Corps. Not the Government or political agendas, just Marines.

Our Detachment was started by our Dear Friend

Jim Smrekar (pronounced Smarker)

Jim is a Cpl in the USMC, MOS Machine Gunner,

Korean War Veteran and our Brother.

The Supreme Commandant Called Jim to his last Duty Station on September 25th 2012

SEMPER FI Brother!

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