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Motor Transport Officer -

Jack "Cowboy" Sheridan

MCL 1381 - A

The latest addition to our Fleet

a 1967 Kaiser jeep Ambulance

M725 Donated by

Joe and Anne Coleman of the Veterans Historic Education Center of Palestine Texas

in Honor and Memory of:

Sgt John Livesay USAF - Lt.Col.Paul Cohagan USAF - Col.Richard Lindsay USAF - Sgt Thomas Derby USAF

MCL 1381 - 01

1 1/2 Ton Marine Trailer Donated by

Billy Conn care of Russell Harris

It is currently on loan to the Lufkin MCL Detachment.

MCL 1381 - 02

Event Trailer Donated by

Robin Butt. Boogie Butt

 5 Ton is loaned to us as needed by

Pierre De Wet

of Kiepersol Enterprises

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