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Our Color Guard is respectful of our Nation and Marine Corps Flags. We can provide Colors for any respectable event at no charge, donations are welcome. The Gear we use: white gloves, white belts, Flag harnesses, white slings and Colors will wear out and need to be replaced, we have a Honor/Color Guard fund just for this gear. Uniform and weapons are our Members responsibility.

Please be aware that we use fully functional M1 Garands, We are American Marines and have never rescinded our Oath to protect and defend the Constitution, please do not ask us to remove firing pins or bolts. We practice and teach gun safety and never drill with live Ammo, we use blanks for Honor Ceremonies.You have the right to inspect our weapons for your event, we encourage it.

We follow the United States Marine Corps Drill and Ceremony manual. (as well as old men can lol)

Marine Color Guards never wear covers or carry weapons inside of a Church.

Marines never relinquish Colors unless it is for a change of Command Ceremony.

We are blessed to have the use of Horses for a Mounted Color Guard. Thanks to Mark Hutson and Jack Sheridan. We

maintain the gear and tack and it is expensive.

Please call 903-721-1277 for availability,

Colors at the Vietnam Mobil Wall

Colors w/2 of our Active duty Members

Practice, getting horses accustomed to flags

Mounted Color Guard, well disciplined horses

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