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Our Annual Dist 8/9 Family event is coming. Hosted by the Jacksonville Texas Det 1381

To be announced for 2020

We will have a friendly cooking competition, and pistol competition. Shotguns, or rifles of any cal and "the Judge" series of handguns are not allowed on range. (center fire for adults 16 and up, 15 and under allowed to fire rim fire) need at least 30 rnds of ammo for your pistol.

Please get in touch with Larry Barnes, 903-589-0697


Member Registration- $5 per Member (kids 12 and under are exempt)

Range Fee - $10 per Shooter

BBQ cook entry fee $10 (have to cook meat on grounds)

50/50 Beans fee - $5 (anything larger than a bean in cup is disqualified.

RV hook-ups (self contained)- $15 a night

tent camping available

cash only please no checks.

All MCL family members including kids are invited.

There is camping, tent and RV(self contained), a big lake for fishing and canoeing.(no motors) at the American Legion Post 15 in Lindale Texas. A big Thank you to Post 15 for allowing us to use their facilities.

Address is:

American Legion Post 15

18251 County road 498

Lindale Texas 75771

Beans will be a $5 entry fee for a 50/50, winner will receive 50% and remainder will go toward trophy and entry plates and cups.

Max you will have to pay if you enter all events and camping is $45

If you do not enter any events it will cost you nothing except for $5 registration.

So please come and enjoy each others company and meet fellow Brothers and Sisters.

There are restroom facilities available, some picnic tables a couple of grills.

If you choose to bring any alcoholic beverages you must keep them concealed. (ie. solo cup, coozie)

remember kids may be present.

To be announced.

First come basis for camp spots. Gates will open at __________________ and will close by _________________________

Any Marines and Members out side of Dist 8 and 9 are welcome.

Pictures from 2014

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