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Uniform Price List

Men Red Jacket (smoking Jacket)

Sizes Regular

38- wa195a 39- wa195b 40- wa195c 41- wa195d 42- wa195e 43- wa195f 44- wa195g 46- wa195h 48- wa195i 50- wa195j 52-wa195k  

Sizes short

38- wa195l 39- wa195m 40-wa195n 41-wa195o 42- wa195p 43- wa195q 44- wa195r

Sizes long

40- wa195s 41- wa195t 42-wa195u 43-wa195v 44- wa195w 46- wa195x

Larger sizes available

Women sizes

4-wa196a 6-wa196b 8-wa196c 10-wa196d 12-wa196e 14-wa196f 16-wa196g 18-wa196h


Larger sizes available

Red Satin Jacket

Ships Store has the best price anywhere $55.00 over XXL add $7

Price w/embroidery and patches $97.00

M1 Garand

Our Price

New $850

Service Grade $650

Field Grade $485

Men’s Black Tie all $5.00

Black Tie 4- in- hand - u31  Black Tie clip on -u30      extra long 4-in-hand Tie - u48

Woman’s Black Neck Tab $ 8.95

Found here-,7064.html

Item #: 500286     

Men and Women’s      u46b $ 28.00 trim to fit Black Leather Ratchet Belt and Buckle, 40" to 46"  

    Deluxe Blazer Crest - u23 $26.00 (for red blazer Regular members only)

Associate Collar Ornaments - u14a         $5.00 (for white shirt associate only)

Marines Sunburst Collar Ornaments for White Shirt-U14 $10 (for White shirt Reg mem only)

Field-Forward US Flag Patch - wa36 $1.50 (for white shirt)

LawPro Hi-Gloss Dress Oxford Item No: S87 100 M 030 $29.99

Order from-

League Covers are $29 and Detachment name embroidery is $7

For short/long sleeve white shirt, we use white officer uniform shirt from uniform supply in Tyler next to Honda Shop ( brand name of shirt is “Horace Small”)

Tyler Uniform - Tyler 4285 Chandler Hwy. Tyler 903-593-9291 You would need to call for in stock items, may need to order.

White Shirt for blazer can be purchased anywhere, and WILL NOT have epaulets, or button down collar.

Black trousers purchased anywhere. Some events, depending on location, we will use Blk jeans and blk boots.

Dress blue trousers have to be purchased through Bones, $35 up to size 44 (regular members use red NCO blood stripe )

All items unless noted are found at ships store

For more uniform/ Marine items please visit ships store

1-800- 625- 1775

Rush Shipping:$25

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