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Winter is Coming

Congratulations you have found my "Easter egg" All comments on this page are my personal views and may not reflect the views of the MCL. This website is owned, paid for and run by me, Chuck Bones. I provide this web site to help the Jacksonville Texas Det 1381 as a favor I made to Jim Smarker in 2011.

I believe in Honor, Courage and Commitment!

Honor- {Integrity} is when you do the right thing when no one is watching. to Know right from wrong.

Courage - {Valor} is standing up for what is right- not the political correct right. Stare fear in the eye. Strength in the face of Danger.

Commitment - {Loyalty/Obligation/Duty} is to follow through with and stick to the task at hand. Getting the job done.

There is good and evil in this world, and lately, the evil has been allowed to speak.

My Rant

We need to have personal responsibility in our lives. Stop blaming our shortcomings on others and strive to do better.
learn true History, not a professors interpretation of it.

Each and every one of us are Americans, Let us bring back the pride and safety of being an American.

There was a time we as Americans could go anywhere in the world and evil would resist the temptation to cause us harm. We were respected. 

I believe in GOD If that offends you, oh well, then leave my page. I do not have to walk on egg shells because you might get your feelings hurt. If you believe in something else that's ok I'm not offended, just don't push your beliefs on me or try to change our Country. If seeing an American flag offends you, you might need to relocate to another Country.

Remember this; This NATION under the Constitution, based on Christianity allowed you to speak your mind, follow your belief, allowed you the power of choosing your own path. a set of laws for all to follow. Now we have some that want to take our core belief away, and in some areas they have already done just that. I don't care what you follow, the Constitution allowed you to get this far, and some wish to tear it down. why? so no one else can chose to believe what they wish to believe? I'm rambling, I know.

The point is we don't respect each other anymore, I respect your beliefs until you start pushing me to comply with your belief. example: radical islam, telling me not to pray. I understand removing the 10 Commandments from public courthouses, I truly do.

I believe in first, second and third place trophies and that's it! No participation trophies above 5 years old.

I believe in the Constitution and the rule of law.

I believe in the Republic.

I believe in the road runner and coyote, a good old American cartoon shut down because it was to violent and unrealistic. REALLY? have you seen the crap that has replaced it?

I saw it as good verses evil and the good was winning. Can't have the good winning over evil now can we.

If the Rabbit had a gun, the Wolf wouldn't eat him.

The wolf will do everything it can to make it illegal for the Rabbit to even own a gun.

The argument is: The Wolf says he is afraid that he will be shot for just being a wolf, shot by a crazy gun toting rabbit for no reason.

In truth what the wolves are actually saying: The Rabbit needs to know its place in the food chain. It needs to sit down, shut up and wait its turn to be eaten. Its ok the wolves know what is best for the rabbit.

I'm Bones, a well armed rabbit!!


That was all me ;)

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